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Contact information

Full name: Institute of Nanotechnology of Microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Short name: INME RAS

Contact phone number:

Reception  +7 (499) 616-38-12

Fax  +7 (499) 616-38-12


Legal address

119334 32A Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow.
Phone:    +7 (495) 938-19-04

Postal address

115487, Moscow, P.O box 50.

How to get there
"Leninsky Prospekt" metro station, the first car from the center. From the metro to the left in the direction of Leninsky Prospekt. Go to the other side of the street on the underpass. Go around the house number 32 on the right side and continue straight to the complex of buildings of the Presidium of the RAS. Go behind the lattice fence, climb the stairs. Enter the main entrance. The pass office is located in the entrance №2 (go to the right and further to the Central entrance).

Actual address

Moscow, Nagatinskaya street, house 16A, building 11.
Phone:         +7 (499) 611-89-15
Phone / Fax: +7 (499) 616-38-12

Location map from "Kolomenskaya" metro station

a) The first car from the center. To the right in the passage Left exit from the passage (the long one). Going up the stairs, turn right and go to Nagatinskaya street (~60 m).
b) Move on the street (up) about 800 m. Walk to the intersection,where at an acute angle converge streets Nagatinskaya, Sadovniki and Visokaya (Nagatinskaya - a kind of "spear").
c) After the tram stop "Sadovniki street" (closer to the "edge") cross Sadovniki street (on the left) and continue along the paved path to the entrance of the garden (~220 m, the building with a red Board).
d) Turn right and walk another 30 m. Near the lattice green gate checkpoint INME RAS.

By tram:
The first car from the center.
a) In the transition to the left. Going up to the left from the transition to the street ave. Andropova, pass between one-story buildings and exit onto Sudostroitelnaya Street (~ 50 m, do not cross tram tracks);
b) in the transition to the right. Having risen from the crossing to the right, turn around towards Nagatinskaya Street and get to the stop (do not cross tram tracks).
Take the tram. Get off at the stop "Sadovniki street" (third in the variant "a" / second in the variant "b"). Go to the other side of Nagatinskaya street. Forth as in scheme "afoot" (c).

Location map from "Nagatinskaya" metro station

The first car from the center. In the transition to the right, going up to the right, go along the Warsaw highway to Nagatinskaya Street and go to the other side of Nagatinskaya Street (~ 290 m).
Go down the street Nagatinskaya approximately 1.4 km. Go 2nd Nagatinsky passage, go pass the car center and turn right.
Move towards the building (the building with a red digital clock). On the right, 30 m., the checkpoint of the INME RAS.

By tram:

The last car from the center. In the passage to the right, go up to the left. Take the tram No. 47, 49 to get to the stop "Sadovniki street" (sixth). Further as in the scheme "afoot" (c) from "Kolomenskaya" metro station.