Department of development and research of micro- and nanosystems (DDRMNS)

Scientific activity of DDRMNS


The Department conducts fundamental scientific research in accordance with the Program of Fundamental Scientific Research of the State Academies of Sciences in the area “Element base of microelectronics, nanoelectronics and quantum computers, materials for micro- and nanoelectronics, nano- and microsystem technology, solid-state electronics”.


Scientific research is conducted in the following areas:


  • Research of the current-voltage characteristics of nanoelectronics elements based on CNTs;
  • Research of the physical-chemical mechanisms of doping and control of the CNT properties;
  • Research of the technological bases of carbon nanostructures functionalisation by encapsulating clusters of various materials in their structure;
  • Development of a model apparatus of physical-technological processes using atomic layer deposition (PTP ALD) in the formation of structure-forming layers of the functional elements of microvacuum nanoelectronics based on CNT arrays;
  • Research of the interaction of a strong electric field with carbon nanostructures (CNS) and the possibility of modifying their electro-physical and morphological properties;
  • Research of the CNS photoabsorbing properties and the possibility of their integration with the active layers of photosensitive materials.