Research and development of new technological processes of nanotechnology and advanced materials of nanoelectronics

Research&Development Plan for 2019-2021

№ 0004-2019-0001 "Development of physical and mathematical models of controlled technologies for creating nanoelectronic elements of silicon-carbon electronics based on carbon nanotubes and graphene"

№ 0004-2019-0002 "Study of the excitation mechanisms of plasmons in carbon nanostructures to create elements of carbon optoelectronics for X-ray, optical, IR and THz radiation"

№ 0004-2019-0003 "Study of the mechanisms controlling the properties of carbon nanostructures"

№ 0004-2019-0004 "Investigation of the surface and interfaces of catalytic and buffer layers in micro- and nanoelectronic devices based on carbon nanomaterials"